कृषि (Agriculture)

शम्भल समत्वम् believes in Natural Farming and Chemical free Agriculture, the method that was followed by our ancestors who realised that being in harmony with Nature was the highest ideal of development.

We do not believe in factory farming, industrial agriculture, genetic modification and harmful chemical means of agricultural production.

शम्भल समत्वम् is in the process of creating a completely sustainable and farmer friendly chain in the agricultural market covering all aspects of agricultural production from seeds, growing practices, post harvest processing, distribution and marketing to the end customer.

Our main interest is that the farmer benefits first and then does the customer who is assured of naturally grown environmentally friendly agricultural produce.

Our family farm Shambhala Bollachettira Farm

Thanks to Farmizen team for producing this video special mention of Shameek and Prashant of Farmizen (www.farmizen.com). Especially special thanks my Dad and Mom, my wife Moksha, my sister Divya and my family. Dad and Mom did the hard work of creating it we have much easier work just to maintain it and teach our children also to maintain it. Also special thanks to Karnataka State Organic Certification Agency (KSOCA) (http://kssoca.org/) for supporting and certifying us with special thanks to Saba Mam. Special thanks also to our farm manager Shivanna, his wife Geeta, his sons Yogesh and Manjunath and to Ratnamma for help us maintain the farm and doing the actual work to translate our dreams into reality. Last but not least thanks to all our valued clients and patrons of our produce, many of whom have become friends.

Our Produce

Oyster Mushrooms
Elm Oyster MushroomsElm Oyster Mushrooms Chemical free Naturally Grown
Mallika, Badami, Dusseri and Tothapuri Mangoes
Mallika Mango Chemical free Naturally Grown
Mallika Mango Chemical free Naturally Grown
Jackfruit Chemical free Naturally Grown
Strawberries Chemical free Naturally Grown
Nati (Country) Eggs
Organic Milk
Custard Apple (Sitaphal)
Valencia OrangesLemonsSapota (Chikku)
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