अर्थ (Finance)

Distressed Investing

शम्भल समत्वम् (Shambhala Samathvam) has an experienced team to identify value for money and distressed investments in the financial markets of Bharat.

The founder is the author of a well reviewed book and blog The Art and Science of Real Wealth. He has returned more than 200% on his personal investments since 2018.  You can view his monthly equity curve at the above website.

While this does have its risks, शम्भल समत्वम् (Shambhala Samathvam) has developed risk management strategies that minimise serious draw down of capital.

The founder has experienced good success and a hit rate of almost 50% in the USA markets in this field, and made significant returns investing in distressed securities of  Lehman Brothers, Healthsouth and Calpine (before bankrupcty).

Dividend Investing

शम्भल समत्वम् (Shambhala Samathvam) has an experienced team to identify value for money investments that earn stable and consistent dividend that earn more than a bank fixed deposit.  The advantage is that in addition to earning more annual interest than a fixed deposit, the value of the principal investment can also appreciate significantly over time, while the principal of the bank deposit remains the same.

Raising funds for businesses

शम्भल समत्वम् (Shambhala Samathvam) has access to investors with more than Rs 7000 crores of assets under management and can help businesses raise capital or sell their businesses to strategic investors.

Long term plans

The long term aim of शम्भल समत्वम् (Shambhala Samathvam) is to run a bank for the small and medium business entrepreneurs in Bharat.

शम्भल समत्वम् (Shambhala Samathvam) realises that investing in small and medium businesses especially if they are unlisted provides a greater contribution to society than investing in listed companies which only benefits a few.