GIS based Blockchain Edemocracy

The power of E-democracy

Edemocracy is truly democratic. 

More importantly Edemocracy is transparent and tamper proof.

And even more importantly Edemocracy enables you to vote from your mobile phone at the time of your convenience.

You do not have to stand in long queues for half a day.

Edemocracy/Mdemocracy (Internet and Mobile Democracy) must be introduced and efforts must be made to encourage edemocracy/mdemocracy.

It will bring in the ultimate utopia of democracy:

Informed Participatory Liquid Democracy

Direct Democracy — One person one vote

Electoral Democracy — One person represents the whole constituency

Liquid Democracy — Personalized individual representation, with your own trusted proxies and final approval from you even for your proxies votes.

In a liquid democracy, you always have the option to vote directly, representing yourself.

And you can pick trusted proxies, who can use your extra vote anytime you don’t use it yourself.

These are personal representatives: you can pick anyone, and you can replace them immediately anytime.

And if you dont agree with the way your trusted associate voted, you can overrule their vote and vote yourself or authorise another person to vote on your behalf.

Voting power accumulates, creating a fluid network to empower the most trusted people as representatives.

This creates a way to democratically make decisions at scale, with much more inclusion, resistance to corruption, and less polarization into two limiting parties.

Our vision is to create a mobile app to cast a vote that is tamper proof, immutable, authenticated, transparent, auditable by all voters, and can be cast from the comfort your own home or wherever you are.

We are developing a GIS blockchain open source based Edemocracy application that will do away with the need for paper ballots, EVM fraud and more importantly having to stand in long queues for half a day to cast a vote.

Voting will become easier than a mobile version of Kaun Banega Crorepathi.

And it will be much more foolproof and tamper proof than the bridge built by Ram to Lanka to defeat Ravan.

Our Edemocracy app is also a bridge being built to fight evil – to defeat fraud FUKUSdemocracy” and replace it with True Democracy.

Once this bridge is built, even a sensible and sincere poor eight year old orphan will have a voice that will be counted at the same level as a senior member from any elite corporate family with generations of wealth and privilege.

Even a sensible intelligent eight year old orphan will have the freedom and opportunity to raise a valid issue and get peoples’ attention and force them to vote on it.

Through the power of Edemocracy/Mdemocracy you can nominate your own trusted proxies to represent you.

There should be no secret ballot.

All votes must have the name of the person who cast the vote, some sort of ID like a National ID card, drivers license, PAN card or Passport that is encrypted to a Block chain Private Key.

However the public key should be displayed, but the private key cannot be disclosed by anybody except the voter themselves.

This Private Key must be completely encrypted and not disclosed to anybody even to the Supreme Leader of the homeland.

The Private Key is under the sole control of the voting citizen and can be used for all government records.

They should be forced to disclose their Private Key only if they are being investigated for any criminal malpractice.

Edemocracy through block chain is ideally suited to facilitate this whole process of public and private key sharing.

But the public key of the person who has voted for this issue or candidate, must be publicly available in a secured authenticated login site on the Internet.

A person who wants to access this website must first go through an authentication similar to getting a passport and also with police verification included.

Anybody who fails a police verification should not be given login access to this website.

There should be strict auditing and log tracking and watermarking of reports of those who want to view and print this voting details by various voters and only people who have registered physically with ID proof and address proof and police verification should be allowed to view these voting details.

There should be an audit trail of all the authenticated login users who access this website and log all the people or issues they were searching for or any other interactions they had on the website.