GIS Blockchain Land Records System

The power of GIS and Blockchain finally in Land Records.

Our inspiration and main competition for our project is the wonderful work – The Mystery of Capital by Hernando De Soto Polar.

We have completed our prototype for  Blockchain GIS Land Records System.

Our vision is to become the of the Real Estate Industry.

This is now possible with Permissioned Blockchains.

Unlike Amazon, we also combine the power of location using Open Source GIS and Google Maps since real estate is all about location.

We are going to be starting in India and also worldwide if we have the right strategic partners.

We are now looking for serious and patient investors and also partners worldwide to start aggressively marketing this product and further improving its functionality.

We plan to start with India, Europe, USA and any country that has a developed GIS system and good internet connectivity.

True Title GIS Blockchain Land Registration Presentation and Overview

True Title Prototype Application  (Contact for Demo)

Prototype Application of True Title GIS Portion

YouTube Channel

Presentation given on 23/1/2019 at the Future ICT Forum.

शम्भला समत्वम् (Shambhala Samathvam) Land Records Presentation for Future ICT Conference

शम्भला समत्वम् (Shambhala Samathvam) GIS Blockchain Land Records System application for Startup India EoDB Grand Challenge.

Our upcoming projects are GIS Blockchain Farm Insurance and Credit Verification Systems and GIS Blockchain Edemocracy Systems.