Shambhala True Title : The power of GIS and Blockchain finally Land Registry

Get fraud proof map based Land Records, Title and Registration on GIS and Blockchain

Our inspiration and main competition for our project is the wonderful work – The Mystery of Capital by Hernando De Soto Polar.

We have completed our prototype for  Blockchain GIS Land Registry System.

Our vision is to become the of the Real Estate Industry.

This is now possible with Permissioned Blockchains.

Unlike Amazon, we also combine the power of location using Open Source GIS and Google Maps since real estate is all about location.

Developed True Title ( an open source permissioned Blockchain and GIS Land Registry.

Among top 50 firms selected for Jharkhand Startup Hackathon 2019 from over 400 applicants from all across India.

Among top 10 firms selected for final presentation for Jharkhand Startup Hackathon 2019 from over 400 applicants from all across India.

Our sincere thanks to Atal Bihari Vajpayee Innovation Lab, Startup India and Government of Jharkand and of the Jharkhand IT Department for this opportunity especially Mr Deshbandu Mishra who saw the value and potential of our product.

We are starting in India and also worldwide if we have the right strategic partners.

We are now looking for serious and patient investors and also partners worldwide to start aggressively marketing this product and further improving its functionality.

True Title GIS Blockchain Land Registration Presentation and Overview

True Title Prototype Application  (Contact for Demo)

YouTube Channel

Presentation given on 23/1/2019 at the Future ICT Forum.

GIS Blockchain based Land Registry for map based record of tamper proof land transactions

Any property transaction should be as easy and secure and tamper proof as transacting with products on Amazon or Flipkart.

Our goal is to be the Amazon of the Real Estate Transactions Market.

We have developed SHAMBHALA TRUE TITLE – GIS Blockchain Land Registry


-Easy, secure and tamper proof land transactions.

-GIS + Blockchain – on any mobile or desktop device.

-Open source and data stays in India.



-PREVENT Selling property multiple times to multiple buyers of same property

-PREVENT Mortgage property multiple times to multiple banks

-PREVENT Benami transactions

-PREVENT Deficiencies and revenue leakages in Property Tax Collection

-PREVENT Clandestine Denotification without approval from all concerned authorities across the chain

-PREVENT Clandestine changes of land use and zoning

-PREVENT Undervaluation and registration below guidance value of property

-PREVENT Malpractices by malicious officials


Bring efficiency, transparency and increased revenues to the government in the arcane, slow and malpractice ridden sector of Land Registration

Give easy access to the poorest of poor to have control over their property

Prevent malpractices like land grabbing and fraudulent transfers of property

Linked to Aadhaar

Once the laws are changed to include private agencies other than Sub Registrars only to transfer property, transacting a property will become as easy as buying and selling products online


Save lakhs of trees since need for multiple copies of paper land records can be eliminated with our solution SHAMBHALA TRUE TITLE.

Our upcoming projects are GIS Blockchain Farm Insurance and Credit Verification Systems and GIS Blockchain Edemocracy Systems.

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